Daddy ‘s Girl – A letter to Daddy

Daddy Dearest,

Daddy is what I’ve always fondly called you. If I could ever write something thoughtfully , then that would be the greatest ever told. For I would write about you Daddy, who was a man with Golden heart. I don’t know what you were to the entire world but a very special person to my own world.

Undoubtedly, the values that you have instilled in me are the ones that let me be who I am and be a strong person I could ever be. When people say – “Like Father, Like Daughter” that’s the best thing I could ever ask for. I gleam with pride every time someone says – You are just like your Daddy.

Today after 19 years of your absence,  I still have memories of you afresh in my mind. So My dear Daddy my best ever gift to myself is the ability to recall the gift of your brief presence in my life. Additionally, if you think I missed a lot of things, I would only say, Life’s lessons you have taught me are engraved in my heart.

Indeed without the very presence of you in my heart, I wouldn’t be the person I’m today. I’m glad I picked up all that you showered upon me as lessons. You are that one in a million type of Dad, who has led the secure foundation of my life. Besides I feel your love and presence wherever I go. In reality you are that shining star of my universe. If God ever sends a bunch of Fathers, I would search for you from the crowd and make you mine all over again.

You never looked for praises, you never boasted anything. For you did everything  for us and left so hurriedly, I couldn’t just tell you that – “You were my hero and you have always been. I loved you then, and I love you even more now. Happy Birthday Daddy”

Sitting and gazing back to the farthest ever I can recall.


Your Little Girl

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