Personal and Professional – Balancing the two Ps of life

The two Ps of life

I am sure many of you think and believe that it is not difficult to manage the two Ps of life. Undoubtedly, it is a cold war between the two Ps which needs to be handled patiently to be a winner in both the fronts.

By now you all must be thinking why should I bother about these two Ps. I would say, we all have these two Ps in our life fighting with each other for existence. I’m sure you all must have at least once wondered what it is like to balance PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL life. Hats off to those who maintain a perfect equilibrium among these two Ps of their life.

In my opinion, all of us must have faced or are facing situations that put us through a great dilemma to balance work and life. When I say life, it is cumulative of oneself, family, friends, and work. 

What is it like if the balance fail?

Have you ever thought why so many educated and rich people mostly fail in their personal life? Surely because these set of people are too engrossed in their work. And they have hunger for more knowledge and more money. These people fail to realize that they are just hampering their personal front that will never be mended in the future. However, there are exceptions. I think each one of us is extra enthusiastic at work when we are new in the Industry. But have you maintained yourself?

Profession when given excess priority invariably leads to a crash at the personal front. Certainly today things have changed and people are more professional and hardly give it a thought about their personal lives. BUT! I must say that certain people will surely fail in life. Because they fail to enjoy the love and commitments that are an integral part of a personal life.

Personal and Professional life balance

When was the last time you had quality time for yourself? Do you realize the current lifestyle hardly gives you an opportunity to keep you, your mind, and your heart happy? Have you wondered how to make your life better? 

Balance but how?

Do you know that balancing life takes both your internal and the external components? And what are these external components? So what it means when I say external factors are your family, your work, your friends and the places you are in. And you are a system as a whole internally too. Your internal factors are the juggle between the heart and mind, your health and your consciousness.  

How to make yourself happy and pour some me-time? 
  • Did you know, being happy makes you more productive? So think about what makes you happy? Are you giving yourself enough time? Or you are just way too busy at work?
  • If you are a person who likes reading, Can you recall when was the last time you read a book? Grab a book and gift yourself some-time.
  • Are you healthy enough? Do you give yourself enough nutrition and exercise that you need? Give it a thought, if no health no wealth!
  • When was the last time you met family and friends? Do you have a social life as such?
  •  Do you enjoy social gatherings? If so, how often do you participate?
  • When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your significant other? Do you spend time on both of your emotional health? Do you sit over a coffee and discuss your future? If not now? then when? Do it.
  • Do you work on improving yourself constantly in this fast-paced life? Are you up-to-date in your current Industry?
  • Do you manage temperament at the professional front? How often do you annoy people? Is it an essential argument or you just fail to manage your temperament? How to keep your mind calm? Figure out what fits your needs. Every individual is different and has different needs.
  • Do you have goals? Do you have dreams and aspirations? What are you doing to achieve them?
  • Do you have priorities? Have you ever prioritized your life? Or you just go with the flow? Give it a thought. Not to miss, give yourself the utmost priority.
  • Finally, find your tribe. They ensure to keep you in high spirits. 

A blend of professional and personal life is a perfect way to live life up to king size. Giving preference to both the Ps is the best way to utilize the most exquisite gift of God to mankind, named LIFE. If personal things are handled with equal care, then extra hours at work doesn’t hurt.

How often do you get frustrated at professional front? The best remedy to overcome your frustration is your family. Take shelter at your family. Please realize that our loved ones handle situations very firmly. And they are consoling which results in immediate relief. If your hectic work hours lead to frustration then a couple of hours with family would make you feel better. WHAT A PERFECT REMEDY  πŸ™‚


So, all you people out there, use your caliber to your best at your professional front but do take extremely good care of you and your family. 



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  1. Hi Vijeta,

    That’s absolutely true..and u have picked right topic..All techies should think of this seriously..Good one..

    Have fun and Njoy the life to the fullest…

  2. Yup. Indeed a Good a pathway for folks who are engrossed too much into One P.
    We need to find a balance between 2 Ps for a peaceful and contended life πŸ™‚

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